Engineering Students at Queen's

Fourth Year Students

  • Engineers in the Class of 2019 must complete a minimum of 35 Total Hours.
  • At least 15 of these hours MUST be completed during Final Week, unless takedown hours were completed – See next bullet point. However, more than 10 hours can be completed during Final Week; these will count towards your Total Hours.
  • Sci ’19s had the option to complete 5 hours during takeover/takedown for Sci ’18’s Formal.
    • If you completed less than 5 hours, the remainder are left as final week hours.
    • If you completed more than 5 hours, those count towards regular hours.
    • If you completed the 5 hours, you will only have to complete 10 hours during Final Week
  • Ex. You did 8 takedown hours last year. You now have 10 final + 17 regular hours remaining (27 total)
  • Ex. You did 3 takedown hours last year. You now have 12 final + 20 regular hours remaining (32 total)

Fifth Year Students

  • Fifth year students who did not choose to attend their own Sci Formal can purchase a Sci ’19 ticket and must complete 35 total hours with 15 of those hours being Final Week hours.
  • If you are a fifth-year student who did attend your own Sci Formal you can only attend our Sci Formal as a guest.


  • Guests who attend Queen’s (students not in Sci ’19) must complete 20 Total Hours, including 10 Final Week Hours.
  • Guests who do not attend Queen’s are not required to complete any hours.

Internship Students

All Sci ’19s completing an internship next year are still eligible to attend Sci Formal, only if their internship is organized through QUIP.

Interns do still have to complete hours, but do not have to complete final week hours. Interns can complete hours at any time in the fall before Science Formal.

  • Students located in Kingston must complete 30 total hours. These hours can be completed at any time.
  • Students located within 300 km of Kingston (GTA, Montreal, Ottawa, etc.) must complete 15 total hours. These 15 hours can be completed at any time.
  • Students located more than 300 km away from Kingston do not have to complete any hours.

Hour Reductions

If you are involved in activities outside of school or you have a personal situation that you feel may hinder you from completing your Science Formal hour requirements, you may qualify for an hour reduction.

Policy regarding the hour reductions will be posted during the first week of school along with the hour reduction application. The Communications Chair will be providing both.

Activities that can qualify you for an hour reduction include:

  • Varsity athlete
  • Part time job
  • School field trips
  • Conference Executive Committees
  • ASUS Involvement
  • EngSoc Involvement

If you feel your situation qualifies you for an hour reduction, please fill out the hour reduction application .

The deadline for the application is September 25th at midnight. If you have any questions please contact the Communications Chair at sciformal.communications@engsoc.queensu.ca.

Hour Transfers

Hours can be transferred from one student to another (including guests), at a rate of 2-1. For example, if you do 10 extra hours you can transfer those to a friend who will be credited with 5 hours.

If you completed takeover hours at last year’s Science Formal and are not attending Science Formal CXV, you can transfer those hours.

If you have received an hour reduction, you cannot transfer hour reduction hours, but you can transfer any other hours you have earned (ie. warehouse hours).

All hours retain their type when they are transferred (ie. regular, final). But overflow final week hours that you have received will count towards your total hour requirement, as usual.

Please email sciformal.it@engsoc.queensu.ca to request an hour transfer, and include the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your net ID
  • Recipient name
  • Recipient net ID
  • How many hours you are transferring (and the type). i.e. 5 regular hours and 2 final hours becomes 2.5 regular and 1 final

The Sci Formal IT Managers will aim to complete hour transfers within a week after receiving the request, so please check the hour logger then. No email will be sent to say that it has been completed, so make sure to continuously check the hour logger after submitting this request.

Please note that if you and/or the recipient have not signed in to the online hour logging system your hour transfer may be delayed beyond a week.

Buying Out Hours

Hours can be purchased during final week in Grant Hall along with the remaining amount for the ticket to attend the formal.

  • Regular hours: $15/hour
  • Final Week hours: $20/hour


Dates and Prices

Sci’ 19 Tickets: $125 ($65 deposit)

A $65 deposit for the Science Formal ticket will be sold in the ILC atrium during week 2. Please note, according to Canadian law, deposits are not required to be refundable.

  • Because of this, no refunds will be given after the deposit is paid, except for extenuating circumstances.
  • The Sci Formal committee reserves the right to decide what is considered an extenuating circumstance.
  • If you would like to request a refund, please contact the 2018 Sci Formal Finance Chair, Cameron Butler, at sciformal.finance@engsoc.queensu.ca

You do not need to have your hours completed to reserve your ticket. You will pay the remaining $60 after you have completed all your hours in final week. Buying the rest of your ticket is the last step. At that time, any hours not completed must be purchased if you wish to pay the remaining part of your ticket.

Guest Tickets: $150 ($75 deposit)

Guest ticket deposits will be purchased later in the semester, after deposit sales for Sci’ 19 have been completed. The remaining $75 will be paid during Final Week, just like Sci’ 19 tickets. As with Sci’ 19, guests that are required to do hours do not have to have their hours completed to reserve their ticket, but must have them completed to buy the second half of the ticket. Any hours not completed can be bought out, as with Sci’ 19.

Any questions regarding any of this information should be directed to Cameron Butler, the 2018 Sci Formal Finance Chair, at sciformal.finance@engsoc.queensu.ca.

Guest Tickets

Due to capacity limits on our venue, a limited number of guest tickets are available, decided by a lottery.

You may put a guest on the guest list at the time of making your ticket deposit. Please know their Net ID (if they are a Queen’s student) and email. No two people can put the same person down for a guest ticket.

The first round of guest ticket sales will close on a to be determined date in September. At this point, a lottery will be completed to give out the guest tickets (based on the capacity remaining once all Sci‘19s have had the chance to purchase a ticket). Any guests not given a ticket during this period will be placed on a waitlist.

On a to be determined date in September, individuals will be notified they have received a guest ticket, or where they are on the waitlist, via email.

If you have received a ticket, you have until a to be determined date in October to pay for the guest ticket deposit. There will be designated times to pay for deposits released during that week. Cash, cheque (to Engineering Society of Queen’s University), debit and credit are acceptable payment methods (note there is a $1 charge for debit purchases, and a 2% charge for credit purchases). If not, the guest ticket becomes available again and is given to the first name on the waitlist.

Guests who attend Queen’s are required to complete hours (but not while on the waiting list).

Please direct any questions related to guest tickets to the 2018 Sci Formal Finance Chair, Cameron Butler, at sciformal.finance@engsoc.queensu.ca.

Ticket Pick-up

During Final Week you can pick up your ticket at Grant after completing your hours by paying the remaining $60 (as well as buying out any uncompleted hours). Cash, cheque, and debit/credit are accepted methods of payment.

Before going to pick-up your ticket, please visit the sign-in desk to verify that your hours are completed. Once verified, visit the ticket pick-up desk and pay for the remainder of your ticket.

You can also pre-purchase drink and photo tickets. More information regarding this will be posted soon. Any questions about this information can be directed to the Sci Formal Finance Chair, Matt Boulby, at sciformal.finance@engsoc.queensu.ca.


Warehouse Location:

The warehouse is located at 192 Hickson Avenue, Unit 11, Kingston, ON K7K 2N9.


A shuttle will be provided to get students to and from the warehouse. The shuttle will be done on a first come first serve basis. A shuttle will be leaving at the start of the warehouse time, and will run approximately every 30 minutes.

The shuttle driver will pick students up in from the ILC atrium, please line up along the wall across from the benches, with the first person / next in line person closest to the Engineering Society Lounge.

What to do when you get to the Warehouse?


Sponsorship Information

If you are a sponsor looking for more information, or a student who may know someone that could be interested in sponsoring the event, please email Cameron Butler at  sciformal.finance@engsoc.queensu.ca, and please also CC Dillon Houston at sciformal.sponsorship@engsoc.queensu.ca on this email.

Science Formal is arguably the longest-standing tradition of Queen’s University. It has become one of the most highly anticipated events at Queen’s and offers invaluable project management, construction, and teamwork experience to the fourth-year engineering students for which the event is planned.

Fundamentally, the Science Formal is planned and executed each year as follows: the graduating students choose a theme for the event. The signature piece of the Formal is a huge structure built in the center of Grant Hall that varies year to year, depending on the theme. Past themes have been: Evening in Paris, Peter Pan, Old Hollywood, Mount Olympus, and this year Venetian.

Sponsorship is critical to the running of the formal each year, and we look to corporate sponsors for support in exchange for promotion of their brand and exposure to the graduating class of Queen’s Engineering and Applied Science. The event itself highlights the creative and collaborative nature of our students, and provides the graduating students with unparalleled undergraduate experience.

There is a public open house the afternoon before the formal, so the impressive structure and artistic work throughout the venue can be shared with the community. During this open house, the United Way of Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington are invited to collect donations at the venue entrance, strengthening the commitment of Queen’s Engineering students to supporting community initiatives.


Science Formal is arguably the longest-standing tradition of Queen’s university. It has become one of the most highly anticipated events at Queen’s and offers invaluable project management, construction, and teamwork experience to the fourth-year engineering students for which the event is planned.

The history of the Science Formal isn’t exact, but it is generally accepted that it dates to the early 1900s where it began as a simple dance. It was the class of 1923 that first included more ambitious visions such as large structures and waterfalls. More elaborate themes started in 1927 with the Japanese Gardens. By the 1940’s, the development of major themes for the event was firmly established and the Science Formal was – and still is – an incredible event.

Fundamentally, the Science Formal is planned and executed each year as follows: the graduating students choose a theme for the event and Grant Hall and select parts of Kingston Hall are decorated according to this theme. The signature piece of the Formal is a huge structure in the centre of Grant Hall that varies year to year, depending on the theme. Recent Formals have celebrated such themes as Sci’07’s Scientia Septem Semper Parvulus (Peter Pan), Sci’08’s Broadway with its own Times Square, Sci’09’s Corruptiornamentumnovern (James Bond) with an airplane and two watch towers filling Grant Hall, Sci’10’s Exordiumeximius, with a large Babylonian pyramid surrounded by the Hanging Gardens, Sci’ 11’s Solemnitasplagiariusterra (Planet Earth) with rooms incorporating the variety of nature offered by the earth, and Sci ‘12s Grandaeurbesorbis (Great Cities of the World).

The Science Formal provides the graduating students with unparalleled undergraduate experience in design, construction, creative thinking, problem solving, leadership, management, and teamwork.  It truly is an incredible event, marking the culmination of 4 years of engineering at Queen’s.

Contact Info

Stevie Boyd


(General, Safety)


Laurel Buchanan

Communications Chair

(Questions, Hour Reductions, Website, and Social Media)


Jess Di Pasquale

Logistics Chair

(Entertainment, Food & Beverage, Pre-Events)


Luke Seravalle

Art Chair

(Art & Design, Room Designers)


Shawn Kollaard

Construction Chair

(Construction, Warehouse, Structures, Safety)


Cameron Butler

Finance Chair

(Budget, Sponsorship)


Dillon Houston

Sponsorship Manager



Emma Miloff

Marketing Manager

(Social media, Hour Loggers)


Connor Macdonald

IT Manager



Zoe Machado

HR Manager

(Drivers, Hour Loggers)


Stephanie Panousis

HR Manager

(Drivers, Hour Loggers)